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The Catskill 350 Sleeping Bag is suitable for summer camping and travel.It is made of a durable 320D Nylon and is filled with 350g/m2 imitation cotton to make a durable and warm mummy-shaped bag.
$89.99 NZD
Is it a wearable sleeping bag or an oversized sleep-in puffer? Well, either way the Mobile Sleeping Bag is warm, cosy and something you won’t want to get out of.
$89.99 NZD
Zip up the Mountain Path Mummy Down Sleeping Bag for a downright toasty night’s sleep when facing cold conditions in the mountains. 
$349.99 NZD
The Mummy Sleeping bag is suitable for camping and travel. The mummy shape is widened around the chest and shoulders to provide an even more comfortable range of motion during sleep and the cotton fill will keep you warm in the summer.
$79.99 NZD
Suitable for cooler conditions, the NH01 Mummy Down Sleeping Bag will deliver on sleeping performance, keeping you warm and comfortable as you catch up on your Z’s.
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